Now you can easily convert your photos into text using the new Google Doc Android App. The recently released native Google Doc app for Android phone doubles up as a good OCR software allowing you to easily capture any printed text and convert it for easy editing.

Google Doc Android App

Google has recently released official Google Doc App for Android phones providing a easy way to access, edit and share content on the move. The “killer feature” which I liked the most is its inbuilt OCR (Optical character recognition) software which makes every android phone a great data capture device.  The OCR functionality is not top class at the moment, but it will improve with time. Currently it can properly recognize unformatted text, but have issues with recognizing handwriting and certain fonts.

Following are other important features which would convince you to download and install this “must have” app on your Android phone:

  • Easily share documents with the contacts on your phone from within the App itself
  • Open documents directly from your Gmail account
  • Capture any photo and convert it into text using built in OCR functionality
  • Use stored photo on the phone for converting into text
  • Add widget to your home screen to quickly access your “Starred documents”, Capture Photo and Creating a new Document
  • Currently available only in English and works on Android 2.1+ phones

Link: Official Google Doc App for Android Phones

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